History Of Shinestar Steel Group

Over 30 years ago, Mr. Guoyu Yi established the Shinestar Steel  Group in Changsha, Hunan. We started our business primarily focused on steel pipeline trading in Hunan Province. Thanks to the Chinese Economic Reform in 1989, the company quickly expanded its market as a steel pipeline manufacturer and stockist in the first 10 years. And we devoted ourselves to supplying our steel pipeline throughout China and a one-stop procurement service for customers in the second 10 years. At the same time, we supply our steel pipeline worldwide and we build our own brand “Shinestar”. With China successfully joining WTO, the Chinese international status rose, and the founder Mr. Guoyu Yi got an international business strategy “Based in China, Serving the World.” In the recent 10 years, we have had unwavering manufacturing and exporting international standard steel pipe. 10 world-class steel pipe production lines in China, and our R&D network focused on enhancing our product portfolio and improving our Industry Operation Capability, Quality competitiveness, Cost control, and Perfect integrated service capability united by a passion for excellencelly promoting business growth. We have become the most reliable partner in the steel pipe industry.

Memory with customers

These years, many thanks to our customers. Because of you, we insist on manufacturing high-standard steel products. Because of you, we are more confident to supply a one-stop procurement service. Because of you, we can be better to solve various problems and walk over 30 years. Here are the parts of our pictures to show our memory.